Dream of the Water Children: The Black Pacific

Academy Awards, Racism and Sayonara: Creating the White Pacific

Miyoshi Umeki’s character pouring warm bath water onto her onscreen partner played by Red Buttons.

Many people don’t know (and perhaps don’t care), that a Japanese woman became the first actor of East Asian descent to win an Academy Award.  Her name was Umeki Miyoshi 梅木 美代志, or better known as: Miyoshi Umeki ミヨシ・ウメキ  (May 1929-August 2007).

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Poem by San Francisco-based Blasian Hapa Poet Sabrena Taylor: Hair 2

Kathy Usami, daughter of unknown African American GI., with mother in Japan. Circa 1969. Photo by Colonel Rentmeester. Courtesy of Life.com

San Francisco Bay Area poet Sabrena Taylor, is of African-American, Japanese cultural background, with Native American roots as well.  Her poems traverse historical, political, mythological memory, addressing longing, social justice and healing:

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Okinawan Boys Scouts, the War, Internalized Oppressions: A Commentary

A group of U.S. Soldiers, Boy Scouts, Okinawan and Japanese citizens combined their efforts Saturday to help clean up the Lt. Gen. Simon B. Buckner Jr. memorial site located in Itoman City. Photo courtesy of JapanBases.com

I want to make a small, agitating comment on the conditions that underlie the photo above.  This is from a March 23, 2011 event in Okinawa.

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