Buffalo Soldiers and Filipinas: Civl War African Americans, the Philippine War & Evangeline Buell

Buffalo Soldiers pose for a photo.

Evangeline Buell, a Filipina activist, writes a memoir that includes the lesser known stories of the African-American “Buffalo Soldiers” of the Civil War, who were sent to the Philippines for the war there (and subsequent U.S. occupation) and their relationships with women of the Philippines.

Although racism was intense and brutal in the U.S., and many Black soldiers wanted to escape the U.S. to the Philippines, some in the U.S. government viewed the allowance of these African-American soldiers, as a way of benevolent assimilation after their freedom from slavery.  Integration of “Colored Troops” by entering them in the Philippines War, the Second World War, and then in the beginnings of integration during the Korean War, served to change the U.S. military and allowed people to study how assimilation of former slaves could be accomplished in the U.S. 


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