Article: U.S. military and East Asian governments work together for Sexploitation of Women

Bae, a former sex worker around U.S. military bases. is now ill and excluded from Korean society.


South Korean, Filipino, Okinawan, and Vietnamese activists have for years, protested the presence of U.S. military bases in relation to the exploitation of women–   

primarily through the intense and ignored human trafficking and sex trade operations that go unchecked yet highly regulated.

Especially after times of war, when men have died and food and stability are scarce. Women must often fend for themselves and in many cases, take care of their families.  With infrastructure gone and not enough work, sex work becomes an act of survival.  Because of the morality of sex, thus begins the torment that is both a necessity for women, a necessity for U.S. soldiers, as well as a way to survive and a way for women to be controlled.

The Occupation of Japan after the Second World War, brought new forms of the sex industry to please the US, Australian, Canadian, New Zealander, and British Occupation occupation personnel.  This was not new.  Soldiers, according to the top commanders today, say that the “boys” need to be satisfied and kept happy away from home.  It is a vital aspect of military rule and occupation.  It is disguised as a happy event.  After the wars (WWII, Korean and VIetnam), the U.S. bases in the Pacific have lessened but are still there.  National and global security interests rule over women’s bodies.  As a consequence, mixed race bsbies born, become street children, are scorned, abandoned, and in many cases killed.

Read this article from the New York Times

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