The Aeta of the Philippines Continue to Resist Multiple Oppressions

The Aeta, a Negrito group in the Philippines, Protest for Land Rights in the Philippines July2011.

The Aeta, are a Negrito people of the Philippines.  Aeta people are among the many Negrito peoples who inhabit the Pacific and the Asian continent, as well as the south seas into Australia and Micronesia.

The Negrito of the Pacific are currently noted to be living mainly in the Philippines, the Andaman Islands, Thailand and Malaysia.  They are said to be related to, or in the family of other Afro-ancestored peoples who are also in India and other South Asia nations, Australia and New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, other South Pacific Ocean tribes and are believed to be related to the Pygmy tribes of Africa.  There are many early accounts of Negrito people in China, the Philippines and Taiwan. There are a tiny few comments on the possibility of Negrito being seen in Japan as well, before the onslaught of the modern era.

During the many wars in most of these lands, there have been mixing with Black and White Americans, Indians, Chinese, Japanese and others. Mixing, as is the case with many indigenous peoples around the globe, is often for survival, to escape some of their own conditions in caste-tribe structures, or by force (rape and forced assimilation), amongst other ways and reasons.

As is the case in modern history, these people have been pushed off their lands, made to interbreed or killed, to do labor for the dominant.  Currently, they continue their fight in every location, to survive and thrive.

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  1. Very little is written about the Aeta of the Philippines. Thank you for creating this blog about and for them.

    I’ve always sneered at the way westerners have oppressed Native American Indians and Mexicans in their self determined mission to possess their land. What a shock to realize that my own country, beginning with the Spaniards, has participated in the marginalization and persecution of aboriginal peoples and continues to do so in this century; what with our “civilized” encroachment of their land, strutting about and building all sorts of modern “toys” for our enjoyment to the exclusion of the Aeta. They can only stare and wonder why the heck it’s happened to them.


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