A Blog Site: Critique Empire, Race and Transracial Adoption

The link I comment on in this post, is to a site called Transracial Abductees: A Critique of Intercountry Adoption  (link at the end of this commentary).  It is a particular perspective and gaze, a big-picture gaze, a gaze that includes histories of hierarchy in the global economy, global culture.  It raises the question of transracial adoption and its effects.


The current “global” culture, where privileged people can maintain and even transcend their hetero-normative picture of the nuclear family with child, assimilates toward itself.  For certain, transracial adoption, like many adoption practices of other kinds, may provide a “family” for an adult-less and/or parent-less child who has been raised into the desire of “lacking” within this particular framework.

It is also true, that historically white nations have provided the parenting, in the name of a “compassion” that these privileged (sexual, gender, socio-economic, media image, patriarchal, etc.) communities can practice.  What provides the availability of these children?  If we look carefully at this phenomenon, we see its connection to war, occupation, genocide, racism, patriarchy and heterosexism, sexism and structural inequalities.

Although I do not think to not provide children with families to be raised in care, we must ask the question of the structure into which this predicament is unquestioned and “solved” in an organically racist global and imperial system in which we all participate.

For those of us who advocate for justice and a democratizing and ethical social change process, always flawed but always working towards, must also think of the effects.  Most often, adoptees, like mixed-race children from all walks of life whether adopted or not,  are psychologized, are rendered “things” that need therapy and correctives, and are written about, often romantically, as tragedy or as happily assimilated.  These easy adjectives do not even begin to tell the stories that we must address in our world.  It is possible to address these issues.  But we must look at history, cultural hierarchies, economies and racism, to unpack the devastating effects of forgetting, trauma, isolation, loss, dislocation and the life that sometimes seems haunted.

Visit this great web blog, Transracial Abductees.

It asks us to confront these issues.

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