Dream of the Water Children: The Black Pacific

2014 – VIDEO: Korean Hapa Tour – Homelands, New Lands, Healing


In the Fall of 2014, a group of Mixed-Korean Amerasians, mostly adoptees from Mixed-race orphanages in Korea, went on a small tour organized by the tour group Me & Korea, back to Korea, to the orphanages, and to meet Insooni 김인순 — Black-Korean pop-star/diva, who was partially responsible for this event.


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Vintage Japanese Film – Trailer: Konketsuji Rika 混血児 リカ (1972)

Konketsuji Rika  混血児 リカ (Mixed-Blood Rica), is another vintage Japanese movie that was fairly successful for its makers.  This movie was released in 1972.  It was proven so successful that it was  turned into a trilogy with two more films in its series. They are in the “exploitation” tradition.  More information here.

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A Blog Site: Critique Empire, Race and Transracial Adoption

The link I comment on in this post, is to a site called Transracial Abductees: A Critique of Intercountry Adoption  (link at the end of this commentary).  It is a particular perspective and gaze, a big-picture gaze, a gaze that includes histories of hierarchy in the global economy, global culture.  It raises the question of transracial adoption and its effects.

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