Dream of the Water Children: The Black Pacific

Blog-post by Mark Makino – on the Japanese term: “Gaikoku-Jin” which translates: “Outsider-foreigner”

Mark Makino‘s post on the embedded aspects of race, nation, colonialism, and Japanese identity in the term: Gaikoku-Jin (Outsider-Foreigner):

Foreign? Western? White? Non-Japanese? Occidental proboscis monsters?


A Blog Site: Critique Empire, Race and Transracial Adoption

The link I comment on in this post, is to a site called Transracial Abductees: A Critique of Intercountry Adoption  (link at the end of this commentary).  It is a particular perspective and gaze, a big-picture gaze, a gaze that includes histories of hierarchy in the global economy, global culture.  It raises the question of transracial adoption and its effects.

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