Yoon Mi Rae and Female K-Rap

Yoon Mi Rae, and other Female K-Rappers in a collage of their rapping. Many of the Rap Contests are nationally televised. If one sees and studies carefully, you can see that many Black-Korean mixed rappers and hip-hop artists will carve out some of the few options available for mixed-race and especially mixed-Black singers and entertainers trying to break into public life in East Asia.  Much like Blacks in most nation-states, music is where much of the society opens for them and simultaneously allowing the expression of pain and joy in the exclusions, violence, and oppressions that are a large part of their lives. YoonMiRae is known to be the top female rapper in Korea, and is credited with spearheading the road for R&B, hip-hop, and rap to enter into mainstream South Korean music and entertainment. Still, as anti-black racism continues, these are important inroads for social change.

In this video, YoonMiRae and her rap battle with Trudey, is highlighted.

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