“Cultural Bodies:” My Newest Article on the Hapa Japan site

Article for the Hapa Japan website, is entitled: Cultural Bodies

My father sits at his desk in our home in Ome, Japan, before our move onto Tachikawa Air Force Base. This photo reveals the bodies that my father could take on, looked upon by geisha, the Mona Lisa, and Japanese female beauty representations in the early 1960s.

The ARTICLE ASKS:  What bodies do we carry and represent to the world? Where do these ghostly labels and their trailing entitlements, attitudes, and oppressions live and how are they carried out?

What must we live with?

The hierarchies seem endless and we knowingly or unknowingly live with them.

Black body. Japanese body. Asian body. Native body. foreign body. Male body. Patriarchy body. Maternal body. Female body. Mixed body.

Invisible body. SEE the ARTICLE HERE.



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