I’m not saying anything new here, but I need to put it out there.

RACE the concept of it– is boring and a fiction.  It was invented by a select few elites and then spreading in and through and beyond educational institutions of colonial Europe, and the United States, Canada, and Australia.

However, RACISM is real, in that racism is a series of visions, considerations, techniques of seeing and taking, a series of ways of constructing realities, constructing the normal, everyday, identity and sense of life.

Hierarchies.  So Race is boring and untrue, but since racism is real and operates insistently, we must act in relation to it.  Many people on many different sides of it, however. It’s not just to or for.  It’s complex, insidious, crafty.

It mixes and integrates through other kinds of oppressions of difference: Gender and gender norms, sexual preferences and orientations, caste and class hierarchies, age-ism, adultism, size and height – ism, language correctness, geographical location, urban/rural hierarchies, etc. etc. etc. On and on.  Since humans created these things in structure, we can get rid of them. But it cannot be done on an individual moral plane, or can it be done being “good.” So how are you doing it?

For me, I must unravel it in the worlds I inherit and contact.  Travel on.


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