Dream of the Water Children
Fredrick D. Kakinami Cloyd’s first book: Dream of the Water Children: Memory and Mourning in the Black Pacific, will be published this fall by 2Leaf Press.  He is needing digital scans that can be included in the book.  Details:

The book focuses on a collective memoir of the author’s family and friends across the United States and Asia, linking them to colonial European expansion in Asia, the Vietnam War, and military base life in postwar Japan and Korea.  These stories are then linked to the present in mainland United States, questioning war, identity, violence and social change.
He is seeking Digitally-scanned images, mementos and documents of indigenous tribal legacies of Asia, mixed-race Black-Asian children and families from post-World War II and Post-Korean War and Post-Vietnam war, and anything having to do with living with European and American military forces in relation to the civilian population and military-base life in Asia—expressing adjustments, juxtapositions, oppressions, dominance, memory, legacy, trauma, and empowerment through the lens of women, children and families (nuclear, to communal and orphaned, etc.).  Particularly, women married to military men of Europe, Africa and America would be considered most strongly, especially Black-Japanese, Black-Korean, Black-Filipino and Black-Viet/Thai/Laotian and Pacific Islanders.
Please visit the links included at the end of this post for an introduction to the work.
Details on technical details for the quality/size, etc. of digital scans will be sent upon acceptance.
Contributors that pass the final decisions will be credited in my works (you will not be paid).
SEND Self-Introduction, Explanation of photos, and either a link to a site with your digital scans, or attach to your email (please be conscious of overloading with too many attachments in one email).
Send to:

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