Mixed-Japanese orphanage, June 1952

Mixed Black-Japanese and White-Japanese Amerasian children at Roman Catholic orphanage in Japan. June 1952. Children were fathered by American, Canadian, British, Australian, and New Zealander Occupation personnel. Photo from Margaret Bourke-White collection. Life.com

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  1. I am searching for an black/japanese orphan girl who was born between Sept 1946- May 1948.
    My father has passed was serving in the military during this time. Before his passing he shared that he had fathered a daughter in Japan. Are there any suggestions you could offer me in terms of searching for her. I have even completed a DNA with ancestry.com. Thank you.
    please write directly to:
    Thank you,.


  2. Japanese are so prejudice, normal mothers would not give that many children up, the families force them to I’m a Blackanese, my maternal grandfather accepted me. The only time he even acknowledged me was he was shown my Marine Corps photo. My mother said he looked at it and nodded his head and said “Hunh”!


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