Military Police in the US Occupation of Japan and following (continuing)….. and racism

My Dad (in the middle) with his two Military Police friends, in their regalia. Notice on the left is a Japanese-American MP, and the left is a white MP.  Circa 1961.

My father, in the middle, with his two Military Police friends in late 1950s Japan.

My father was part of the so-called “post-occupation” period of Japan.  All should know that these are just official terms.  Yes, Japan received “soreveignty” in 1952. But people like my Dad, and other soldiers kept pouring in.  To the present.  The US has never left.  In this picture, the Jim Crow days of Black-white racial divide was slowly changing, but not ever gone.  The Japanese saw and participated, and exploited, sometimes, the boundaries between the Black and White soldiers.  My Dad had friends of every kind, even as he sometimes received harsh treatment by white superiors and subordinates.

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