It’s Official! My BOOK will be PUBLISHED – Fall 2014! (Now delayed until 2017)

It’s official!

My Book will be published in the Fall of 2014 – by 2Leaf Press.

I will keep everyone updated.

I have provided the Vimeo introductory video here.  More will follow.

While watching this video, there are two issues I want to mention.


1) I mention the phrase ‘all three theaters of the U.S. militarization in the Pacific.’  This is not a complete statement.  The editing fails to mention the Philippines, for instance, or Guam, Hawaii, and the rest of the Pacific, including U.S. involvement in China.  This is a failure that this video cannot correct.  But in subsequent materials, I hope to remedy this omission.

2) In my comment on Vietnamese Amerasians, I am not refusing my historical and identity links to Viet-Amerasians and Southeast Asian Amerasians.  What I protest is the forgetting and invisibility of the term ‘Amerasian,’ which pre-dates the U.S. involvement in Vietnam to other places that the U.S. created many babies with local women in such places as The Philippines, Hawaii, Guam, Solomon Islands/Micronesia, Saamoa, China, Korea, Okinawa and Japan; as well as other nations in Southeast Asia–which were all called ‘Indochina.’  In this manner, U.S. hegemony in the Pacific is invisiblized, which would place its power configurations and its effects on local peoples (such as myself) as a mystery or even a lie.

More on my book will follow in subsequent postings.  For now, please enjoy my introductory video to introduce my book and multimedia project.

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