At USC – Sawyer-Mellon Seminar: Transpacific Approach


There is a fantastic series of seminars going on at University of Southern California, as part of the Sawyer-Mellon Seminars.  It is called: Critical Mixed Race Studies–A Transpacific Approach.  This seminar is being held on weekends throughout the school year.

I am honored to be on one of the Spring Seminar panels  as part of the JAPAN HAPA REMIX, SAWYER SEMINAR X  entitled: Transpacific Hapa Stories: Japan-U.S. on on SATURDAY, APRIL 26.

I will be commenting and reading from my book, to be published by 2Leaf Press this coming fall, entitled: Dream of the Water Children: Memory and Mourning in the Black Pacific.

What I like about this is the combining of art and literature, critical thinking and academics, community-building along with some other aspects of social justice work, complete with community events and art events and good food. Panelist readings and presentations will be discussed with academic scholars specializing in the topics presented, along with the audience/attendees.

The Transpacific Seminars focus primarily on mixed-race and mixed-nation/culture aspects between East and Southeast Asia and the Americas, in their many manifestation and critical intellectual approaches.

Click >HERE< for Entire Transpacific Seminar Schedule.  CLICK on the Blue/Green Titles for a full schedule for that Theme.

Click >HERE< for Saturday APRIL 26th SCHEDULE, of which I am a part.

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