Lou Jing 娄婧, Black-Shanghai-ese Singer, brings Afro-Chinese-ness into the limelight in 2009

Lou Jing 娄婧 sang, without possibly knowing, for all Black-Chinese at that moment in 2009.

Lou Jing 娄婧, entered a nationally televised talent contest.  She caused  a sensation because she was the first Black-Chinese woman to be featured so prominently for all to see, out of the shadows of the nation of China. 

Immediately the switchboards and the internet were full of comments, with many very pleased and excited.  But as you may guess, most were scornful, disdaining and chiding her presence as person and idea.  It was something that invited the entitlement to express the racism that is there.  One person said that she must’ve been fathered by Obama.  In one statement we hear race, nation, superiority, inferiority, sexism and internalized forms of these as well.  What does that comment bring?  What is a person’s history, heritage, identity?  How are all of us being seen?  Certainly not all same, not all equal. If we were the same and equal, there would be no diversity.  GO TO ARTICLE HERE.

Also: wikipedia article HERE: LOU JING

Guardian UK article HERE: China’s Black Pop Idol

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