Dream of the Water Children: The Black Pacific

Preview by Wendy Cheng, of my upcoming book: Dream of the Water Children

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A Black-Japanese Amerasian reflects on life in the present, with the traces of wars and their aftermaths. 2Leaf Press is pleased to announce the publication of Fredrick D. Kakinami Cloyd’s first book, DREAM OF THE WATER CHILDREN, MEMORY AND MOURNING IN THE BLACK PACIFIC, in June 2016.

CLICK THIS LINK:  http://2leafpress.org/online/preview-dream-of-the-water-children-wendy-cheng/

2014 – VIDEO: Korean Hapa Tour – Homelands, New Lands, Healing


In the Fall of 2014, a group of Mixed-Korean Amerasians, mostly adoptees from Mixed-race orphanages in Korea, went on a small tour organized by the tour group Me & Korea, back to Korea, to the orphanages, and to meet Insooni 김인순 — Black-Korean pop-star/diva, who was partially responsible for this event.


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Lou Jing 娄婧, Black-Shanghai-ese Singer, brings Afro-Chinese-ness into the limelight in 2009

Lou Jing 娄婧 sang, without possibly knowing, for all Black-Chinese at that moment in 2009.

Lou Jing 娄婧, entered a nationally televised talent contest.  She caused  a sensation because she was the first Black-Chinese woman to be featured so prominently for all to see, out of the shadows of the nation of China. 

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