NOTES On TECHNIQUES for Deep Social Justice: White Supremacy & Critique


Lone Soldier

Through Killing, Peaceful nations are formed. The Intimacy between Killing and National peace is simultaneous in our world.  This is why we must unpack histories: To learn how things and ideas and identities have been formed and forged in power relations and false-unifications. To react in resentment and rage will bring more. Not doing anything will bring more.

So I wanted to just put out blurbs, notes, thoughts, in pieces here and there.

NOTE #1:  Techniques for Deep Social Justice: White Supremacy and Critique

WHITE supremacy — as a social factor, condition, ordering — has CREATED White Privilege globally, through centuries of imperialism and colonization and now–continuing in very fragile states in globalization — not only geographically – but in our minds. It mixes with other supremacies (hetero-normativity; yellow-supremacy; etc. — and all usually through PATRIARCHAL FORMS. These kinds of thinking in large sweeps — are sometimes NECESSARY to unpack and to study and learn, in various contexts (how they show up and move through our lives differently) – then noting and developing STRATEGIES in relation to the behaviors and thought-patterns and systems at work in our world — for Deep Social Justice. CRITIQUE IS A TECHNIQUE OF UNPACKING. It’s not the same as Criticism — which is a moral and judging action. People have to stop collapsing these things. White supremacy is not an identity.  White supremacy as a group or organization, is invested in certain techniques that are recognizable. White privilege maintains global white supremacy as a way to order a group, nation, world, but it can be dismantled through understanding what we unpack.

Others will fight to the death for it.  Nothing is universal. So I always return to those working in Deep Social Justice, to work at continually unpacking the diverse ways in which our world is constructed, so that we can deconstruct and build new worlds through careful and very very difficult work.

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