Dream of the Water Children — Video Series Launch: Episode 1

This is the first in a series of ongoing video projects based on my personal family history, historical memory, Asia-Pacific postwar ethnography and the historical present.  It is on my channel at YouTube.

This FIRST video is just like a cover of a book.

It invites those interested in a dream of hope, in the facing of oppressions and resistances, to survival and love, remembering and forgetting and dedicated to my mother and those who are not here any longer, who are the ghosts of history that haunt us as humans, creating a Black Pacific.

In the coming weeks and months, each video will give a different flavor, perspective, stories, intellectual and artistic investigations that will slowly unpack and give openings for people to discuss and to understand and to question our historical present through my particular Black Pacific dream videos.

Please CLICK and SAVE the below link for MY YouTube CHANNEL that will load the entire series, to be updated in the coming months:


The FIRST VIDEO below:

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