DELAYED publication But More PRESTIGE


GOOD News and BAD News.

My BOOK release has been delayed.  Ugh!  However:


The Independent Publisher: 2Leaf Press, of New York, who has been working hard with me for the past years, to get this book done, has signed a brand new distribution contract with a prestigious press:  The University of Chicago Press.

This is great news. The distributor that had been working with 2Leaf, one of the biggest, is going out of business and thus the search for a distributor had been difficult. The signing of University of Chicago means that my book will have a wider marketing push, especially to academic presses, for which I had written the book—for beginning classes in postcolonial, ethnic, and gender studies courses.

We will also have a longer time to set up pre-publishing talks that won’t be putting so much stress on a small publisher that basically has no funds for such things.

So in every way (except for the delay), this is great great news for my book and perhaps this will give my book more of a chance for a wider audience, and to be used by those who want to study and write.

So the Review copies and Pre-publication copies will be available some time in mid-to-late August of this year.

The formal public release date will be March 2019.

Stay tuned!!!!!!!!

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  1. Congratulations on the publication of your book! Today is your day! I am also a 2Leaf Press author. My essay was in Beijing as well, and My book is scheduled for publication in May and like yours was delayed. I wish you all the luck with your book.


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