Beiging & Dream: Two of my WORKS to be PUBLISHED this year!



Very Very Happy to Report:  two of my works will be published this year!!  Both are *Definitely* on Track, on Time, and will happen (barring destruction of the publishing house).

In June, I will have a chapter in the anthology of mixed-race people in America, entitled: The Beiging of America: Personal Narratives About Being Mixed Race in the Twenty-First Century. It has some very powerful authors in it, of many racial and national backgrounds, sexual and gender identities, of various generations.

Final proof is being edited as we speak.

Mama and I in front of our house in Albuquerque, 1963.
Mama and I in front of our house in Albuquerque, 1963.

In November, after six long years of creative struggle after turning in my book to the publisher, my long-awaited book: Dream of the Water Children: Memory and Mourning in the Black Pacific, will be released. Yes!

The Final proofs and images are being edited and are being put in after being finalized, and waiting for the Introduction and Afterword to be finalized as well.  After this, there will be a final go-over by the chief editor and myself, and then it will be printed!

To be honest, since my publisher, for both of these works, is a small independent publisher, the marketing and promotion will mostly fall on me.

Please contact me if you can write a REVIEW for publishing in another publication or online site (or know of someone who is interested and can get published), or if you can plan a promotional reading by me (alone or on a panel or in a group), or help out in any other way.

Let me know if you need more info.



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  1. Congratulations! I assume that you are arranging your speaking appearance in Seattle with Karen Allman and your review in the International Examiner with Alan Lau.

    When you come to Seattle, I can arrange something at Seattle Central College. I don’t know what classes I’ll be teaching, but I can seek advice from Tina Young, diversity coordinator, and Sam Chesneau of Student Leadership.

    Do you have contacts at Seattle University? University of Washington?

    Looking forward eagerly to the publications. (Couldn’t figure out from the publisher’s website how to place an order on forthcoming titles.)




    1. Thank you! I have no contacts in Seattle, besides yourself and Karen. I will try to get a hold of Alan as well. Both Karen and Alan hardly ever reply to any of my emails, so I am crossing my fingers that they will respond to my queries regarding supporting my book. According to the publisher, in about three weeks or so, the information for “The Beiging of America” for pre-orders should be up and running. I don’t think my Book: Dream of the Water Children, will have any pre-order info available until later in the Spring. The final galley proofs might have to go in before they do the pre-order availability links. Thank you for offering to help. I can use all the help I can get. As far as speaking engagements, I am on my own, as the publisher doesn’t set those up. Reviews are what the publisher wants for this year before and after the publishing of my book in November. For the anthology (Beiging), the publisher wants to get reviews for the entire book. Whoever wants to review must have journals or online sites or whatever, that the reviewer sets up themselves. Hope this helps.


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