December 7th.  In any year, in the United States, it is memorialized.

Just what is memorialized?

Memory. . . . . . What is it? Memory of What?  For what?

pearl-harbor-mem-dayOf course.  We mourn. the loss.

Veterans of the U.S. military who were alive at the time, who experienced it, must remember it, perhaps simply to honor their friends and fellow military friends who perished, or whose lives were maimed.—But . . . . . . .

Oh, and for the civilians who lost their lives, and their families and friends, who experienced what we would call now: “collateral damage“—isn’t that right?

Just what is memorialized?

What becomes a museum in our body-minds?

What words, images, and discourses are framed in our organs and blood and muscle?

What, then, justifies what? Entitles what? What becomes maintained with tenacity and empowerment and what?  Sadness? Racism? Rage? Disappointment? Vengeance?

A mixture of all the above?

Just what is memorialized?

What becomes the tombstone in our bodies and our cultures?

Militarism? Patriarchal entitlement? How the nation-state is crafted in our bodies and attitudes—becoming internalized nationalism, a patriotism that justifies killing and being killed?

War bodies



vengeance-bodies. Pearls. Victory-in-defeating. As in the memorial depicted.


Where are safe harbors?

Right now, the safe harbors are those that are protected by soldiers and bombs killing others outside of itself.

Bringing wrath from outside, continuously, on and on. Continuously. Perpetual.

Just what is memorialized?

Life, as it is now—what is it through this memorializing?

And Time/Space, altered by war’s compulsory exercising of memory, over and over and over and . . . . over. not real. Memory of race, nation, gender, blood, skin, bones.

Time/space.  History.

What was going on in the hundreds of years before the Pearl Harbor memory in the U.S. outside of itself, through being an “other”?

There were reasons that the U.S. continues to not take responsibility for . . . . and yet United Statians continue to want Japan to “play it right,” to be “moral” and to admit.

What of these “united” states? States of mind, memory, body, perpetual.


Just what is a safe harbor now?

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