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Well, as previously hinted, my book — Dream of the Water Children: Memory and Mourning in the Black Pacific 水子の夢 — will, once again, be a little late getting out.  New target date for publication: Spring 2016.

Regarding delays, this is normal for most books, as they are delayed several times. My publisher–2Leaf Press, is a new, independent publisher, and focuses on writers and poets of color and multicultural worldviews including queer, women and mixed-race folks.

My book is finished.  It is that the Press is going through changes and for myself, they are welcome changes.  They have struggled to improve distribution and marketing processes and relations.  This way, my book will be published with more support and wider audience. Also, the book has more images and quotes that require permissions from various sources around the world.  So the timing is out of our control.

The most important point may be that we–the publishers, editors, and myself, and those contributing in the different sections of the book, want to put out an excellent product, from design to the content to strategy.

I will keep you informed as we progress!


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