VIDEO: Michael Brown speaks to American fathers who abandon their own children and women in the Philippines

The Amerasian, as a social phenomenon, began at the turn of the century, as extension of the ‘mixed-race’ issue in Asia with the arrival of Europeans and Americans.

There are an estimated 2,000,000 (million) amerasian children who have been abandoned by their American fathers, in the Pacific.

Michael Brown, in this video, wants American men, and the American military and government, to take responsibility. The lives of Amerasian children in Asia, in almost every case, is a life of being called outcaste.  This includes their mothers, who struggle in nations that consider these children ‘devils’ or ‘illegitimate’ or ‘non-citizens’ and other names that brings scorn and abuse. Mothers are often called ‘whores.’  In legal and institutional channels, many are stateless.  Which means they cannot get services from the state.  Prostitution and begging, and a life of stealing, as well as being targets of human trafficking and stealing global labor trade, are all the greatest possibilities for their futures. How are all citizens of the world to be accountable to this legacy?

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  1. I am 60 years old, and have recently learned that my father (while stationed in the US Army on Okinawa) may have fathered a child there. Do you know of any resources where I might do further inquiries?


    1. Dear Frederick M.,
      I personally do not know any resources on finding children. The resources online, that I know of, are for children searching for their American fathers and mothers. Perhaps one of those organizations could be of some help. It’s a big problem for those of us connected to Okinawa and Japan, because unlike the Philippines and Korea, there is much more heavy assimilation and drowning out of efforts to even admit Japanese and Okinawan Amerasian babies are now adults looking for their children or their parents. But I think contacting one of the Amerasian search sights, might be of help to you.


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