Pinayist –Psychology of Discrimination against Filippino/a Amerasians

The contours of colonialism and cultural identity, along with socio-economic class and discrimination, create the uneven and violent relations within nations.  Citizenship is only a paper-worked body-armor when it lives everyday in social relations anywhere.

Citizenship is hierarchical, violent, oppressive, and only live-able and do-able in any association to ‘happiness’ or ‘democracy’ by the privileged in social relations.  These social relations are created psycho-socially, historically and through power-relations and the discourses of truth and identity playing out in the fragmented social fields that are our (post)colonial condition today.

Pinayism has provided a short psychological structural analysis of how discrimination against Amerasians in the United States and the Philippines creates itself and acts through people.  It probes the process through which ‘other-ing’ and entitlement to violence and condescension plays out.

In examining the structures, we begin to finger in and expose pathways to a freedom that is not escapist or reactionary.

I think it is a good general beginning analysis of mainstream/vs. mixed subconscious and conscious acts everywhere, not only toward Filipino/a Amerasians.

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How might colonial mentality provoke discrimination against Amerasians Filipina/os?

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