Dream of the Water Children: The Black Pacific

Re-Post: Black and White GIs in Military prisons in Postwar Japan: Black Glasses Like Clark Kent


The book by Terese Svoboda, Black Glasses Like Clark Kent (Graywolf Press 2008), tells the personal true story of Svoboda’s journey, beginning with her Uncle who becomes depressed, then takes his own life.

Her uncle served in the US Occupation of Japan, working as a Military Stockade guard.

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“On June 28, 1946, ten months after American troops landed in Japan, Japanese radio announced that a child of mixed Japanese and American parentage had been born that morning. The announcer called the baby a symbol of love and friendship between Japan and the United States: “a rainbow across the Pacific.” SCAP [US Occupation administration offices] headquarters immediately issued an order to fire the announcer for condoning fraternization.”

– From the chapter “The Problem of Miscegenation” in the work: Transpacific Racisms and the U.S. Occupation of Japan by Yukiko Koshiro. Page 159.

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