a Note: Pure?Justice?

Critique as a technique to raise questions to the normal and invisible ways in which we live, that create injustice, as a way that perhaps people like Karl Marx, the Frankfurt School and Critical Theorists including Post-structuralist thinkers use, is something I love. But in the world, people do not welcome it.  Many people view it as an attack on a self, not understanding that the defensiveness and aggression brought about by encountering critical thinking, should raise the concern about the foundations of self that are colluding, and complicit with practices of cultural/political practices of domination. This comes from the illusion of a SINGLE self, not understanding itself as multiple.

Think. And……

We are all multiple. We are not a single self, there are many selves. Otherwise, who talks to who or questions who when we talk to ourselves? There are differences.  There is difference.

The Imperial project, its modus operandi, depends on the belief in a One. The One. The origin. The single.

It is easy to see, then, that this creates a massive space for moralities of good vs. evil to come into play and play it will. It disempowers and creates and proliferates further fragmentations and issues. Divisive it is.

I speak about all of us who are in the social change and social justice arenas, multiple battlefronts, multiple spaces of thinking, reflection, action, re-thinking, reflection, action, co-creating.

The individualistic hero must be examined as another tool of the Imperial One.  Single leaders to look up to?  I think that age must pass.

But we must also be able to ascertain good leaders.  Good??  Moral good?  No.  We must talk about strategies. Strategic action. Good leaders who need to be saints will be brought down, making movements for change inept, unstable and insecure, open rife for those who want glory and power and control for their own personal gains, come into more power.  It is a dangerous game.  Lots of work needs to be done.

Quit searching for pure.  Pure identities? Pure places of peace? Pure faith? Pure people? All of it. Multiplicity.

This requires study, thinking, patience, urgency, intensity, and also spaces of play and pleasure and rest.  Rejuvenation.  Study, nurture self and other. This may not look pretty either.  Just because there is smiling does not mean all that is there is “love” or pleasure or healing. Just because it is difficult and lonely and painful, does not mean it is something to be exorcised and hated.

the self and the world — are a focus, not  actual spaces (since the self is made of the world, and the world exists because one is here and we sense).

What, in this case, then, does JUSTICE look like?  Moment to moment.  Moment to moment.

Carry onward.

P.S. – as I mentioned in my “about” and in numerous places—-these are not “truths” revealed.  These are experimental words brought from study and experience. Constantly thinking, reflecting, acting, re-thinking.

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