Quote: US Imperialism & the Philippines at the World’s Fair 1902

“In fact, to convince Americans of their superiority over the Filipinos, demonstrate the savagery and uncivilized nature of Filipinos, and rationalize their civilization and benevolent intention in the Philippines, the United States brought over 1,100 Filipinos to the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1902 and sequestered them in what was called “The Philippine Reservation. . . .”

This 47-acre reservation, complete with “authentic” dwellings and “natural” living environments of the savage Filipinos, presented the American public a range of Filipino civilization levels, with the Negritos and other indigenous tribes being portrayed as the most savage and he Philippine Scouts (United States-trained Filipino soldiers) being the most civilized. The Philippine Reservation was the most popular site during the St. Louis World’s Fair, as Americans curiously watched the captured savage Filipinos as if they were animals being displayed in a zoo.”

from:  Filipino -/ American Postcolonial Psychology: Oppression, Colonial Mentality, and Decolonization   – by E. J. R. David,  2011, AuthorHouse


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