Dream of the Water Children: The Black Pacific

From HIROSHIMA-NAGASAKI to You…. ヒロシマ,ナガサキからのお願い

I am a product of war.

I am a product of racism and white supremacy, Japanese imperialism, and global military corporate industrial complex.  I am a product of love.

I am a product. Of people’s minds and hearts. It is not one or the other in any way. Living is complex.  But people reduce things to ONE thing or another ONE THING.

The IMPERIAL ONE.  I hope that we work to Decolonize, De-imperialize our minds.

Is this the only way people see?               Do you see?  

My mother was bombed by the Americans for nearly a year.  Charred bodies, dreams, hopes. Destruction of a cultural self imagined. Towards the American century.

My mother’s sister perished in Hiroshima.  My mother was supposed to go with her that day, but her sister went in place of her.  And then……………the mushroom, the fire.

Then……….the looking and searching.  The stench.  The orange glow sky.  The tears.  The gaping gape, a darkness.  Still here today in the minds and hearts of people who love to destroy and hate.

But until we can be smarter, stronger, more strategic, more concerned, have different worldviews, I offer a prayer.


I KEEP IN MIND, for myself, my mother, and all ancestors, that we seek understanding, thought, peace, connectedness returned and revisited and lived. BUT ALL THIS in CONTEXT OF THOSE WHO WRITE TO ME to tell me that THE ATOMIC BOMBS on JAPAN were NOT ENOUGH and that ALL JAPANESE should’ve been killed. I hear this from some VETS (usually white, black, or Latino), from some Koreans, Filipinos, Chinese), from some Chinese, Koreans, Filipinos, White Australian and White Brits. SO WE LIVE CONNECTED to PASTS of HATRED alongside PASTS of HOPE. May we all Survive with Better Hearts, Intellects, and Strategies……….

Hiroshima, State-making and the ABCC

Little Boy: Object of US Experiments by ABCC
Little Boy: Object of US Experiments by ABCC


Aspects of U.S. nation-building and preparing for the Cold-War, were a vital aspect to preparing for the dropping of the Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945. It was U.S. propaganda to popularize the notion of “needing” to drop the two atomic bombs to stop the Japanese Imperial forces from continual brutalization and colonization of the Asia-Pacific. Already, as we know, 70 (all) of the major Japanese cities were leveled by daily and nightly bombings by the United States. Not only were they bombed, but “Fire” bombed. Paper and wood structures burned for days and days after the bombs fell, while people were charred inside and out through the chemicals used. Japan was devastated.

Then the Atomic bombs fell from the bellies of the Enola Gay.  “Little Boy” was dropped. Thousands of real human boys and girls, women and children, gone.

But this was not all.

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