SORRY – RELEASE DATE for my book is AGAIN: Changed to SPRING 2018

SPOKE with my publisher today.

First, apologies to everyone waiting patiently for my book release.

ALTHOUGH I just put out the trailer for my book and it was “definitely” due out in November—- Publisher has been delayed due to both technical issues, and also personal tragedies at the publishing house.

So things are not going along as scheduled.  THE BOOK IS FINISHED.  At this point, the issues are with technologies, layouts, issues with photo imaging, the index, and finding a replacement for people who were helping to edit the book—–all very important!!    I am SO SO SORRY to everyone for the many delays.  The comforting note is that we know the book is in the final stages.  It is basically done, as far as writing and the content.  What is now needing lots of work is the final edits, and the totality of it all.  PLEASE CONTINUE TO SUPPORT my work and look forward to the SPRING 2018 release!

The publisher is setting me up with a BOOKING AGENT starting in January and also beginning a marketing push next month–OCTOBER.  SO please stay tuned!!

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