Dream of the Water Children: The Black Pacific

Reminder: MY BOOK Release Date by 2Leaf Press is Delayed until Next Year November!

Scanned Image 110380005
My Dad, My Uncle Teruo, and my Mother, the week before our family would leave for the United States in 1962 (or early 1963).


For those who didn’t get my notice:  MY BOOK is now delayed another year and will be published in November of next year (2017).

Frustrating and labor-intensive working with a publisher.  But it has been rewarding as well.

It will be a great project after two decades of work!

Note on the photo:  My father was a U.S. Occupying soldier who had been stationed in Japan and Korea during the Korean War. My Uncle Teruo was in the Japanese Imperial Army as a commander, who had fought in Burma (now Myanmar) in one of the bloodiest battles of World War II. Both men, were philosophically “international humanitarians” and believed in global togetherness and progress. They formed an easy friendship, although understandably, it wasn’t quite so smooth with some of the rest of our Japanese family.

In my book, much of this is told, among others’ stories that expand the present-day with different pasts of different lands and peoples.

Stay Tuned!!

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